In SMART PRODUCTION we are playing with building kit Lego, just in larger version

Company SMART PRODUCTION specializes in technical production and events organization. Since 2016 main projects are cultural and especially music events, their organization and offer of complete technical implementation. The portfolio of services gradually expanded by organization and technical production of sport, corporate and VIP events custom-made according to the clients requirements, place and event character.
Company CEO, Josef Ženíšek, is technical director of music festival Colours of Ostrava. During a year the company works on many projects in the Czech republic and other countries. In 2014 the company coproduced Olympics park Sochi – Prague, in 2015 Josef Ženíšek was Technical Production Manager in organization team of Ice Hockey Championship. Besides major projects the company specializes in solo concerts (for example Nic Cave, Pet Shop Boys, The Chemical Brothers, Apocalyptica, Patti Smith and others…), and smaller corporate and VIP events or advertising and film shooting.