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Since 2006 we specialize in technical production and realization of events. Since 2006, we specialise in technical production and event industry. We have participated in concerts, festivals, sports and corporate events and filming throughout the Czech Republic, Europe and the world.

Technical production

SMART PRODUCTION’s gró since the establishment of the company in 2006. Our work is not only about meeting the technical requirements, it is above all about a great experience for your spectators/visitors/guests. We will design a technical solution for the event and at the same time in a fully functional and effective variant.


Realization of events

Safety, logical production layout, and comfort in the first places – this is how we see the principles of a properly prepared event, whether a city celebration, sports, or festival complex.

and Visualization

As an event manager, among other things, you try to imagine how the entire set will look in the exact dimensions of the venue. As an event manager, you always try to imagine what the whole set will look like in the exact dimensions of the venue.

Be the first one to see how your event looks like, even if you’re still looking for suppliers.



We have experience with both small and the largest stages in the Czech Republic, where, in addition to technical production, we also provide stage management. Our work begins long before the stage is set up – we will communicate the technical set up with the performers and create a minute schedule. At the event itself, we focus on details, adherence to the schedule and precise fulfilment of the performers’ requirements. It doesn’t matter if your stage stands on a green field, on a square, in a local culture house or at a new festival for tens of thousands of people.


Do you know where and what event you will promote, but do not know how to correctly specify the requirements for individual suppliers? We will help you create tenders so that the addressed companies have clear criteria and information that they must meet. Even at a local event, quality suppliers are needed so that the only thing you do not have under direct control is always the weather.


We have our own graphic studio, where we will come up with the event and its entire area, draw it, present it, introduce it to their nooks and crannies using a 3D presentation, or simply process the already created technical drawings.

SMART Production