Wygroom is our pre-visualization studio in Prague, Holešovice. Are you preparing a show and need to know exactly how to set up the light design, how much to fog, how to position the projection screens and where to put the dancers?

We can set it all up in advance. Together we will make it all work at once so that the virtual result looks alike the reality on the stage.

Pre-vizuali studio in Prague

Wygroom creates authentic visualisation of events including full light and video set-ups of the event. We provide unique space for bands, light designers, architects, directors, and other creative professionals from the entertainment industry, to set up their event long before the show day.

Your show 1 by 1

As an event manager you always try to imagine how the whole set will look like in the exact dimensions of the venue.

You will be seated in the middle sector, 2nd row, 14th seat of your VIP event, even if you haven’t ordered any chairs yet. We will take you in the middle of your concert to show you a LED screen on the stage left, even if you haven’t started selling tickets yet.

Mobile Wygroom for festivals

Wygroom presents a mobile studio version which is a great option for festival promoters all over the world – provide the best service for all your famous headliners and their operators, technics, and stage and light designers.

Now, with our mobile studio version, they don’t need to program their show long after the rest of the band sleeps comfortably in a hotel. Instead, they can use our Wygroom mobile studio in the backstage – a quiet place where they can prepare their stage and light design in the 3D software.