The Dead South

Few bands can be said to unite generations across ages, musical tastes and styles of dress. The Dead South clearly succeeded in Bratislava’s Majestic Music Club and Prague’s Forum Karlín. Watching the dancing and happy fans was a pure joy.

Czech Architecture Award 2022

A competitive showcase of the best projects built in the Czech Republic in 2022 organised by the Czech Chamber of Architects.


The Czech premiere was a great success for the Brussels DJ & producer Apashe. But those who didn’t make it to the show this year don’t need to be sad, Apashe has promised to return soon.

Alice Merton

Thursday evening at Akropolis Palace belonged to female energy. Alice Merton started her brilliantly lit music show here, presenting her work (and not only) from the album “S.I.D.E.S.” to the Prague fans. Alice was preceded by the talented singer Aiko, who perfectly adjusted the atmosphere of the pop evening.


Warmth, enthusiasm and optimism. Those are the three words that define last night at the O2 universum. The energetic ZAZ, a French singer, started her show here, with whom everyone who had the privilege of seeing (and hearing) her will naturally fall in love.

Rybičky48 – 20 years of rock’n’roll

Rybičky48 are known for their stage show full of lights, fires and other pyro effects, as we see at concerts of big foreign rock stars. The concert in the O2 arena was in a similar spirit.

Sigur Rós

Mysterious, sensitive, but also really rough and animalistic. Like Iceland itself. That was last night at the O2 Universum. Sigur Rós are simply the definition of everything music means.