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Moët Lounge KVIFF 2021

We prepared a creative proposal for the MOËT Lounge as part of KVIFF 2021 and ensured complete implementation. We had to deal with a unique historical space between the Svoboda spring and the historical building of Spa III. The spaces themselves are not very big and finding the right place for all the pieces of furniture and decorations was a challenge. Sometimes it really was a matter of millimeters. For example, the main bar inside the building, which bears a three-meter illuminated painting of one of Mucha’s girls painted for Moët & Chandon, was a piece of cake both in terms of design and functionality. The whole bar, climbing up to a height of five meters, which is de facto one big lightbox, only rests on the floor and structural elements of the listed building so that after the end of the festival there is not even a hint that it ever stood there. Visualizations of the individual elements of the Moët Lounge were therefore absolutely crucial. To visualize the lighting, projections and moods of the scenes, we use programs that can simulate 1:1 the intensity, color, movement of individual lights, etc. In this case, we needed two outputs. One technical, for the production of decorations and all three bars, and then a visual one for Moët, where we discussed the look of the entire lounge. That’s why we chose the path of precisely targeting every corner of the cafe and the space in front of it, then modeling everything from the stairs, windows, to the existing bar and railing on the terrace, and then a subsequent photorealistic rendering. In our opinion, the result was definitely worth it.

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