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Moët Lounge KVIFF 2022

The challenge of this year’s Moët lounge was definitely the space of the ground floor terrace of the Thermal Hotel. The big task was not to fit between the two large buildings of the KVIFF park and the hotel itself, while remaining decent. The construction and the entire design were additionally complicated by over 50 cm high concrete flower pots built into the entire length and width of the terrace. So we built an elevation to a height of 80 cm across the entire terrace, and this allowed us to have a free hand when placing the structures. We solved the setback of the building compared to the surroundings with a protruding entrance with a 4.5 m high wall, in the middle of which stood an illuminated perspex, along which water flowed. It weighed around 170 kg and had to be made of perspex used for hockey for safety reasons. We also covered the wall with illuminated logo and projected Gobo onto it. Together, everything formed a natural photo wall and at the same time an invitation to enter the zone and from the opposite bank of the river. Judging by this year’s attendance, we think we really succeeded in our task being seen and maintaining the elegance of the Moët & Chandon brand.

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