Colours of Ostrava 2022

The Colours of Ostrava festival incl. technical production is prepared the whole year. Preparing 12 stages (incl. Meltingpot stages) in addition to the amount of time, it includes a large amount of resources – human and technical: 13 stage managers (the main stage alias number one had 2 stage managers), 477 technical workers incl. stagehands for the operation of the festival + 120 others for the built up and tear down, scaffolding around the area with a total weight of 250 tons (and that does not include the whole stages), 11 trucks that brought the roof of the first stage (main stage) and 5 trucks of equipment to the stage itself, 36 trucks in total brought the stages and the equipment for them, almost 24 hours of operation during the festival.

Gallery of the project

Photo by: Filip Kůstka, Zdenko Hanout, Martin Hofmann
SMART Production