Lovestream Festival 2022

The very first stadium festival for the SMART team. The construction of a festival stage at a stadium always has its specifics. For this type of a festival, it is essential to protect not only the lawn, but also its subsoil, as the infrastructure under the lawn itself must not be damaged. So the bearing capacity of driveways must be carefully planned, surface protection must be imported and ensured that neither damage nor logistical problems occur. What else was involved in building the stage? 12 trucks for the construction of the roof and stage, 5 trucks of equipment for the festival set, 80 people who were involved in the technical production – from set up, through the festival weekend, to the dismantling. The Dua Lipa show brought 6 trucks of their own equipment, one of which was unloaded in the backstage only. The equipment for the legendary band Red Hot Chili Peppers on the second day of the festival was brought by 12 trucks, incl. own catering for the band.

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