Národ sobě – kultura tobě

Live broadcast of a unique multi-genre concert from the National Theatre, the aim of which is to shorten the wait for the restart of the live cultural scene after a long break. The initiator of the event was the Metronome Festival… Representatives of various artistic professions fulfill their social role primarily by bringing people experiences, joy and fun. At the moment, unfortunately, things are not going according to the most ideal ideas. A number of musicians, singers, actors, dancers and other professionals from the cultural field therefore decided to come up with an initiative that would help their fellow citizens not lose their minds in the current crisis period, when we are experiencing a long break in the live cultural scene. That is why we are bringing a live broadcast of a unique concert from the most important cradle of Czech culture – the National Theatre, in which dozens of performers will perform in unusual collaborations. SMART PRODUCTION provided complete technical production, stage management, including advance for all artists, and supplied all the equipment for the event. Despite the difficulty of the event and the unprecedented number of performers (over 30 ensembles), we oversaw the smooth running of the rehearsals and the live broadcast itself…

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