Nefestival Colours of Ostrava 2020

Nefestival – an extraordinary project created due to the postponement of the Colours of Ostrava 2020 festival to another year due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent government measures. The Colours of Ostrava team decided to organize a “Non-festival” on 15th – 18th July 2020 on the occasion of the opening date of the Colours of Ostrava and thus alert their fans and the wider public to the non-realisation of the main festival and above all to the fact that culture must live even in times of crisis. With its program composition, the Nefestival referred to the complexity of the dramaturgy of the main Colours; the opening was provided by the leading Czech troupe of the new circus Cirk La Putyka, whose performance was streamed live on social networks, followed by a concert by the Tatabojs group. In the following days, foreign groups and theaters were to perform, and the Meltingpot discussion forum was to take place – unfortunately, due to the feared increase in infected people in the region, the regional hygiene department issued an order on Friday that made it impossible to organize the next days of the Nefestival. SMART Production helped to create his year’s concept of the special edition of Colours of Ostrava, Nefestival, and as usual, provided complete technical production.

Gallery of the project

Photo by: Filip Kůstka, Pepa Ženíšek
SMART Production