Superbloom 2022

The end of our festival summer was really special. And that for several reasons: for the first time we had the opportunity to collaborate at a festival in Germany with a completely new team, for the entire technical production of three main stages incl. bands we had 4 weeks for advancing, construction in a venue that was still unknown to us, and we had to deal with the bureaucratic specifics of Bavaria. It was an incredible experience for us and we learned a lot of new things. We are very happy that it all turned out well, but at the same time we wish we had much more time to prepare.

For the Superbloom festival, we implemented the technical advancing, built up, stage management and dismantling. And what did the festival mean for us numerically? 6 stage managers, 15 trucks of equipment for three stages, 15 suppliers from four countries (Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria), 20 trucks on the roofs of two stages, a total of 41 bands, more than 120 technical positions, over 50,000 visitors. Of the bands, Calvin Harris brought the most equipment – a total of 4 trucks. A specialty of his show was a large mirror suspended above the stage on dynamic motors. We were personally very excited visually (and of course musically) by the Stromae show, which had large dynamic rotating frames with LED and lights above the stage.

Gallery of the project

Photo by: Phillip Kratzer, Julius Hatt, Fabian Stoffers, Lukas Bloemeke, Adam Haranghy
SMART Production