The Dead South

Few bands can be said to unite generations across ages, musical tastes and styles of dress. The Dead South clearly succeeded in Bratislava’s Majestic Music Club and Prague’s Forum Karlín. Watching the dancing and happy fans was a pure joy.

Czech Architecture Award 2022

A competitive showcase of the best projects built in the Czech Republic in 2022 organised by the Czech Chamber of Architects.


Warmth, enthusiasm and optimism. Those are the three words that define last night at the O2 universum. The energetic ZAZ, a French singer, started her show here, with whom everyone who had the privilege of seeing (and hearing) her will naturally fall in love.

Ólafur Arnalds

The audience put down their phones, forgot their everyday problems and literally let themselves be carried away by Ólafur’s musical stories. So many emotions, tenderness and tears of emotion..


This show was worth the wait. The audio-visual performance of the French musician Woodkid was rescheduled several times until it had to be canceled hour by hour on the day of the event in November 2021. At the very moment when all the equipment and the band arrived in Forum Karlín. Fortunately, everything turned out […]

Daniel Sloss

The famous Scottish comedian, actor and writer, who rightfully belongs to the world’s best stand-up comedy, performed in Prague with a brand new solo show HUBRIS. His performance is provocative and often sharp as a razor, no topic is taboo for him and his intelligent arguments provoke the audience not only to laugh, but also to think. At […]

New Order

The band New Order performed in Prague’s Forum Karlín, where Smart Production participated as a technical production.